A health­i­er and safer world for all right now

Liv­ing on earth needs to be healthy and safe – sus­tain­able for all.

There are many roads lead­ing to achieve this, slow­er and faster one’s. 

photo: ©Regula Ehrliholzer, signatory of TJD

We can­not wait any longer for per­ti­nent gov­ern­men­tal action.

It’s time for our prompt action from the local lev­el onwards.

We invite each and every class­room, every com­mu­ni­ty, every busi­ness, sports and arts orga­ni­za­tion, every group of friends and neigh­bors to join this movement.

The Jena Dec­la­ra­tion sup­ports your action by con­nect­ing you with part­ners across the globe, coor­di­nat­ing your joint efforts.

Our action is already in motion, and you can become involved in it right now.

To join, sign The Jena Dec­la­ra­tion here, and encour­age every­one you know to sign it, too!

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